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The plan behind the campaign

As a multidisciplinary agency we understand that the strength of marketing activity lies in the strategy behind it. At Pogo we have the experience to put a great plan in place and into action. By taking a strategic approach to your marketing activities we can help you create a binding relationship between your company and your customers and realise the phenomenal potential of your business.

Strategic planning

Our consultancy provides a cohesive approach to identifying customers and developing potential markets. Working within your existing planning and reporting schedules, or helping you to establish new ones, we can translate your business objectives into realistic, time-scaled and budgeted marketing activities.

Social Marketing

There has never been a time like this to get a message out to the world. The power of Social media is not to be underestimated. Look at how it is transforming world politics. Using it to transform your businesses should be small fry when you know how.

At Pogo we can help you get the most from these new and exciting opportunities. Creating an effective social media presence by consistently choosing the exact message, medium and moment, we can reach unprecedented numbers of people in record time.

By integrating your on and offline activity – social media can supercharge your marketing.

Email Campaigns

Email is measurable, traceable and instant. – we love it! A well-organised campaign, carefully devised to deliver the right message to the right person, can supercharge your marketing. We carefully craft the content, ensure it won’t be foiled by firewalls or filters, then help you interrogate the response so you can build on the success of every campaign.

Case Study Development

One great way to build sales is to reassure customers that you have experience with a case study. This way your satisfied customers become your ambassadors. We are experts in writing, designing and producing really compelling customer stories.