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The art of looking great

We’re not just head-in-the-clouds, arty, creative types – good design makes sound business sense.

We lasso our considerable creative skills to ensure that the look of your work reinforces your key messages, brand values and aspirations. We never design for design’s sake (except in our free time!) but our aim is to achieve synergy between the look and content of your communication. Whether it is using design to make the complicated simple, give impact to a sales message or build brand consistency, our fresh thinking and experience combine to ensure the power of design is working for you.

Corporate ID

Whether it is designing a simple logo, an entire visual identity, or developing guidelines to ensure consistent branding application, we see the design process as distilling your brand values into a visual form to support your aims and objectives.

If you’re a new business start-up or an established business who is looking to re-fresh and update your customer facing persona we can help. Our years of experience have made us experts at defining brand identity.

Responsive Web design

Everything about your business should be responsive – and that includes your website. When people take the time to search and find you, it would be a tragedy if they don’t get to see how brilliant you are.

Increasingly we access the web via mobile or tablet, but a traditional unresponsive website just doesn’t translate – too small, too slow, too difficult to navigate. The result – frustrated customers who go elsewhere!

At Pogo we are experts at structuring your web content and designing it for easy access so that whatever the device, you are always showing your best side – and your customers stick around long enough to see it!

Brochures, mailers and leaflets

The importance of clearly organising of information cannot be overstated. At Pogo we make clarity our key priority in both writing and design, so that even when information is complex and technical in nature, the reader finds it easy to absorb and engage with. This is why our clients come back to us time and again to develop their brochures.

In a world where in-trays, in-boxes and doormats are swamped with a plethora of materials, achieving cut-through that stimulates sales is no mean feat. Highly effective messaging techniques coupled with the latest personalisation and CRM tools have enabled us to do just that for many of our clients.

Print Advertising

Whatever the specific objectives of a campaign, we pride ourselves on creating highly effective advertising.

Our principles are simple: to combine essential brand messages with essential information seamlessly and maximise exposure to the appropriate audience.

Simple it may be, but it’s taken years of experience to master the art.