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Are you communicating the right message?

One of our strengths is our ability to see your business from your customer’s point of view and then package your proposition to tick as many of their all-important boxes as possible.

For us, it’s about getting the right messages to the right audiences using the most effective media. Our experience in above- and below-the-line, Business-to-Business, Business-to-consumer and internal communications, means we never miss the mark.

Effective communication

You may have different key messages for different types of customer and product, so how do you make sense of it all? It is all about hitting the spot – customer identification and segmentation, media selection and targeting?

Put simply, we help you match your product and services to your potential customers, develop effective messages and find the best media to deliver them.

Copywriting and PR

Getting the message right every time is a matter of carefully crafting the written word. Researching, interviewing, editing and drafting are all part of the service.

Whether it is an interesting and engaging article, a highly targeted press release to maximise coverage or a brilliant piece of advertising copy, we find the words and put them in exactly the right order – and we won’t let it go until it is perfect!

Brand Consultancy

Every piece of communication your company undertakes is, like it or not, creating your brand. How your staff answer the phone, your corporate brochure, your company vehicles, even the coffee, says something about the type of organisation you are and can work for or against the big picture.

Here at Pogo we have the experience to define brand values and communicate them, as well as the know-how to ensure that every little thing you do is on message and pulling in the same direction.

Internal communications

Your greatest potential lies in the people in your organisation and its success depends on your ability to communicate your aims and objectives and get them on board.

Our experience in internal incentives, intranets and publications means we are ideally placed to communicate your brand values and objectives to your internal audiences, galvanizing your people into delivering your vision.