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The Brief:

SNAP (Special Needs And Parents) is a registered charity that helps Essex families that include children and young people with special needs and disabilities.

Their previous website was slow, lacking in vibrancy and failed to reflect the energy and enthusiasm of the employees and volunteers at the SNAP centre.

They wanted a site that would encourage donations and still deliver a mass of information regarding their core services to their audience.  For ease and value for money going forward, they wanted to be able to access and edit the content themselves so they asked us to design a new content-managed website and coordinate the build process.

The Solution

Working alongside their Partner Web Development company we designed a new site using Joomla. Our redesign showcased the excellent work being done by SNAP, showed parents and children enjoying the center’s facilities and injected fun, colour and vibrancy, whilst at the same time providing a wealth of information for parents with special needs children.

Ease of use was a top priority so we rationalised the content, which had developed organically over the years, into a clear and intuitive structure giving each section its own colour palette for easy differentiation.

As fundraising was key, our design allowed site visitors to donate via the CAF widget quickly and easily from any page, via a prominent and easily accessible call to action within the site header.

We also advised the client on maximizing their web presence by creating and using social media channels such as YouTube and Facebook.


SNAP (Special Needs And Parents) Charity

Project Title:

New website design

Services Provided:
Graphic Design
Project Management